LC-PHRF Meeting Minutes



Chris Duley, Chairman

Adam Dantzscher, Vice Chairman

Rod Carr, Secretary

Kjell Dahlen

Brian Dowling

John O'Rourke

Walt Marti (via conference call)

Tony Lamb (via conference call)

6:05 PM: Meeting called to order

1. VSC announced that Justin Dubois has moved away and they will now have two Representatives on the Committee, bringing our total to 12.

2. Ratings of boats that were rated during the past year were reviewed and discussed. Walt agreed to do more research on Dave Main's Sabre 36 and report back.

3. We reviewed the Adjustment Schedule for genoas and agreed to change the language to prevent a boat such as a J/80 from using a 135% instead of their 100% with no change to their rating. Brian agreed to author a new adjustment schedule that would close this loophole. We will review and discuss when it is completed.

4. Discussed replacing Gulf Coast with Key West Race Week as one of the reference organizations that we use to rate boats. We will continue to evaluate this.

5. Alan Ouellette has agreed to modify our "Appeal a Rating" form and process to make it possible to appeal another boat's rating. He has agreed to do this before the next meeting.

6. Walt Marti volunteered to serve as Chairman of LC-PHRF for 2010 with Adam Dantzscher as Vice Chairman and Rod Carr as Secretary. Others are welcome to volunteer with elections taking place at the first meeting in 2010 as provided for in our bylaws.

7. After discussion, the following addition to Article 3.1 of our bylaws was voted on and approved:

"At the first meeting of every calendar year each club and organizing authority shall declare the number and names of their representatives to serve for the coming year."

8. The next meeting was set for Tuesday, January 26, 2010.

7:15 PM: Meeting was adjourned

Respectfully submitted,

Rod Carr, Secretary LC-PHRF