Cruise # 2 - Valcour With a South of the Border Theme Event

Event Date: Sat, Sun. - 8/12/2023 through:8/13/2023

Event begins at: 1800

Coordinator: Shelley Mathias

Hosts: Len and Melissa Phelan The Cruise Committee is planning an overnight trip to Valcour Island August 13-14. This is going to be a fun South of the Border themed event geared towards including all ages. We will begin congregating at the island in the afternoon for a raft party. Depending on the turn out events will include a cockpit decorating contest, a cannonball contest, board games or a hike. Please consider joining us for this fun event! More specific details will follow. Here is the link to the new club guide to anchoring and rafting: Anchoring and Anchoring and Rafting Slide Show Please RSVP by 8/922 to