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Each season, MBBC hires a team of Stewards, who are responsible for safely transporting Club members and guests to their moorings, keeping the Club clean and orderly, and presenting a professional and welcoming attitude to Club members, guests, junior sailors and parents of junior sailors.

Schedule: MBBC Launch Service is generally provided seven days a week between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Detailed Daily Launch Schedules are posted on the chalkboard inside the lower level of the Clubhouse.
During the periods of Club Opening through Memorial Day, and Labor Day through Club Closing, Launch Service is generally limited to weekends, with shorter hours than during the high season.
During periods of peak activity, such as Race Nights with high turnout, members may be requested to limit use of launches. If necessary, this request will be posted with the Daily Launch Schedule.

1. Operate launches, for ferrying members to and from boats, in accordance with posted schedules.
2. Keep docks, beaches, launches and Clubhouse clean and orderly.
3. Assist members and visiting yachts in docking at the float.
4. Assign guest moorings and collect fees.
5. Bail out MBBC Club dinghies tied to docks.
6. Keep watch over moored craft and render assistance to capsized craft, including towing to nearest safe shore if necessary.
7. Remind any offenders of the Club Regulations and report infractions to a member of the Afterguard.
8. Maintain a daily log of Club activities, e.g., use of guest moorings, equipment malfunctions, rules infractions, etc.
9. Fly the ensign flags and pennants properly.
10. The first steward on duty each day shall arrive 30 minutes before posted launch service. He/she will clean the launches, check readiness and mechanical condition of launches and other club motorboats, and in general, make preparations for the day. Ferrying members to or from their craft is prohibited during this period.

The Master or a designated member of the Afterguard is responsible for the hiring, training, licensing and supervision of the Club Stewards, with the assistance of the Head Steward. Stewards are often (but not always) children of MBBC member families.

Stewards must be 17 years or older and hold a USCG Launch tender license. Obtaining a license requires among other things completing a USCG application, documenting sea time and passing a physical and drug test.

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2021 Sailing Program

MBBC Jr. Sailing is hiring instructors for this summer. Please forward to any qualified sailor with potential interest.

Job Description - Instructor
Job Description - Sr. Instructor
Job Description - Director



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