Step one: Read and accept this waver
Step two: Fill out and submit registration form
Step three: Review and print your receipt
Step four: Submit Payment either by check or by Pay Pal

Step One


I agree on behalf of myself or my child to make no claims against the Malletts Bat Boat Club, or any of its officers, directors, members, agents, or employees for any loss, damage or injury to any person or property; and to protect the Malletts Bay Boat Club and its officers, directors, members, agents and employees against liability for any loss, damage or injury caused by my child.  I understand that sailing can be a hazardous sport involving considerable unpredictable features. I understand that equipment failure is an inherent and unpredictable aspect of sailing. I am aware of the risks of damage, injury, heat exposure, hypothermia and drowning. I will make every effort to acquire safe habits and help to reduce the risk on the water and at the club.  My child will have and wear an approved life preserver while in the boats. I understand that unsafe conduct may result in suspension from the sailing program.  

Submission of this application signifies that
 you have read this waiver and accept its conditions.

Register for the MBBC Junior Sailing Program

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