Malletts Bay Boat Club
Lake Champlain Founded 1936 


 Secure Online Membership Application

To submit this application to the Malletts Bay Boat Club you need the following:

  • You will need to have two members send a letter of recommendation. This is automated in this form.
  • You will need to submit as part of this application, a short resume of your sailing experience.
  • The application fee is $100. This is non-refundable. We accept all major credit cards through Pay Pal or by check payable to Malletts Bay Boat Club:
    PO Box 402
    Colchester, VT 05446


Stock & Dues:

  • All members of MBBC purchase a non-redeemable common stock for $200.
  • Members can elect to purchase a preferred stock for $1000. When you resign from the club this stock is redeemable when it is purchased by a new member entering the club. It may take several years for this to happen.
  • Dues for 2019 are $932.00 without and $800.00 with the preferred stock.

All Stocks and Dues are subject to annual review.

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The club is voluntary organization. We accomplish the work through a number of committees. Our committees include Women's Programs, Race, Harbor, Jr. Sailing, Stewards, Cruise, Long Range Planning, House, Rentals, Grounds, Communications, Operations and Membership. You will need to choose three committee's that you are interested in.

First Committee Choice  
Second Committee Choice  
Third Committee Choice  
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By submitting this for you are applying for membership in the Malletts Bay Boat Club. You agree that you must purchase one $200  share off non-redeemable capitol stock upon notification of acceptance and that you can elect to also purchase one share of preferred stock for $1000, which may be redeemable. Current annual dues in the amount of $800 plus a house assessment (instead of the preferred stock) of $132.00 (total $932.00) must be paid upon acceptance. Application fee is $100.00

All Stocks and Dues are subject to annual review.


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