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Fleet 301
Malletts Bay Boat Club
Lake Champlain
Colchester, Vermont

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Leaf Peeper Regatta 2002

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Malletts Bay Boat Club

This is the New England District's season closer October 12-13. Hosted by Fleet 301 and the Malletts Bay Boat Club (MBBC) this is the forth year for this regatta.

The regatta will be sailed in the Inner Bay. Water temperature is beginning to cool and the fall winds are usually more intense. Plan on dressing accordingly. Fortunately it only takes a few minutes to get from the dock to the starting line, and the club will have adequate crash boats "just in case".

The foliage will be if full bloom and with some luck the temperatures will be in the high 60's, making for a perfect fall regatta. On the other hand, if the weather doesn't cooperate, the temperature could be in the 40's and the snow making machines could be getting Sugar Bush ready for the ski season... Vermont... if'in ya don't like the weather...  just wait a minute or two... it'le change!

MBBC has a 2 ton hoist and an excellent ramp for launching. The harbor area is well protected and there is ample dock space for 40 boats to tie up for the night. If you need directions to the club, click here.

Notice of Race

For additional information contact:
Bill Fastiggi or
Patrick Zachary


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