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Fleet 301
Malletts Bay Boat Club
Lake Champlain
Colchester, Vermont

By-Laws of The Lake Champlain Lightning Fleet 301

Article I

The name of this fleet shall be Lake Champlain Lighting Fleet 301
Article II

Section I: Any person desiring membership in Fleet 301 must be active and participate in the functions of the fleet. Membership must be voted on by the fleet.
Section II: Voting members of the fleet are any dues paying members.
Article III
Meeting of the Members

Section I: Annual meeting - for election of officers and voting for recipient of Fleet Trophy shall be held the first Friday of October of each year.
Section II: Regular fleet meetings - will normally be held once a month. During sailing season, meeting swill normally be held at the Malletts Bay Boat Club.
Section III: Quorum - at any meeting al members in good standing (dues paying) shall be entitled to a vote. One half of the voting members constitute a quorum and a majority of the vote's cast shall be necessary for an election or to carry a motion.
Article IV
Section I: Officers - the officers of the fleet shall be Fleet Captain, Sec./Tres.
Section II: Membership - Fleet Captain and Se./Treas. Shall be fleet members.
Section III: Election -- the fleet captain and Sec./Treas. shall be elected by the fleet members at the annual meeting. Each officer shall take office the following January 1 and sever a term of one year.
Article V
Section I: the annual membership dues of the fleet shall be $5.00. These dues shall not entitle a fleet member to MBBC privileges.
Section II: Membership dues for the ensuing year shall be payable within thirty days after the annual meeting.
Article VI
Section I: Rules - all races will be sailed under the NAYRYU Rules as modified by the ILCA and MBBC.
Section II: Members of MBBC are eligible for MBBC Trophies. Fleet members are eligible for Fleet Trophies.
Article VII
Section I: Fleet champion -- The Bob Sidle Trophy will be awarded each year to the skipper with the high point standing. The basis for scoring will be decided by the fleet before the first race of the season.
Section II: Fleet 301 Trophy -- to be awarded each year to the fleet member contributing most to the fleet. This will be voted at the annual meeting and awarded at the MBBC yearly Awards Banquet.
Article VIII
Fleet Burgee

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Article IX


Section I: These By-Lays shall be amended only as follows:
—A voting member must submit his proposed amendment in writing at a monthly meeting to be acted on the following monthly meeting.
—The proposed amendment must be mailed to each member at least on week prior to the meeting at which sailed amendment shall be voted on.
—If not less that 2/3 of the members voting at such meeting approve the proposed amendment it shall be adopted and become part of the By-Laws.


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