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Fleet 301
Malletts Bay Boat Club
Lake Champlain
Colchester, Vermont

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Photo Gallery

Jibe mark, up close and personalClose racing during the 1997 Spring Regatta

Mr.Gardner kissn' Ms. Hebler..... Mark Gardner caught kissin' Ms Hebler....musht have been the bottle of limes and vodka that Kika Bronger poured down his throat... That explains why he's kissin' Suz... but why is she smilin'?

Tent Assembly... 101Tim Ambrose & Heather Rowe during the 60th Anniversary Regatta...Now we know they can sail, but just how good are they at setting up a tent...

It's OK Rick... he'll leave some for you!I'ts OK Rick.... I'm sure Sean will leave a-little-bit for you. As for Sean... that better be a coke you're havin!

tim&katebw.jpg (15923 bytes)Kate Brush, daughter of Don and Ann, recently graduated from watching the races from shore to crewing. This summer she crewed for Bretton Gardner in the Jr. Districts and Kurt Kling in the Districts

ISean Carolt's OK Sean, they can fix the hole....after all... it gives the boat some character. (A 25knot crunch at the start of the first District Junior race put Sean's boat out of action.) Bretton Gardner loaned him his boat for the remaining Junior. races while Nick Mercier loaned him his for the Districts... Sean then lent John Hughes the mast from his disabled boat after John snapped his in the first race for of the Masters District Championship.

tim&heatbw.jpg (11156 bytes)Tim and Heather... crewed for Dave Gorman (Doc) for four years. In '98 they teamed up with Bill Fastiggi for the season. Heather sailed with Bill and Andy Horton in the Pan Am Trials... Can you believe it... they won!

Tent Batten? As it turned out at the 60 Anniversary Regatta motels were at a premium... thus the mighty warriors wrestled the tent batten from the jaws of the rainy season... after a long, hard fought battle they declared victory. Bill, Tim and Heather managed a respectable eleventh in the Blue fleet... just what the hell is a tent batten anyway?

Lynn GardnerLynn Gardner doesn't seem too happy... could it be...
a. She saw Mark kissin' Ms. Hebler?
b. Bretton's altercation with Sean Carrol?
c. Or is it because Kika ran out of vodka and limes?

 Kurt looking over sholder at Don BrushKurt Kling looks over his shoulder at Don Brush during a fleet race in 1996. You can see the mylar jib Don was testing.


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