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MBBC 1998 Awards Banquet

MBBC 1999 Awards Banquet
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bill_Andy_heat.JPG (95005 bytes)bill_tim_heat.JPG (104153 bytes)Bill Fastiggi, Heather Rowe and Andy Horton received the MBBC Seamanship Trophy for their win in the Pan Am Games in the Lightning Class. 




jan_ger_flags.JPG (63066 bytes)


Jancie Lange (Master 1998-1999) trades flags the our new Leader, Gerry Davis.


gerry_haas.jpg (68614 bytes)


Johnathan Haas (MBBC 1999 Best Friend) and Gerry Davis



harold_mark.jpg (63929 bytes)


Mark Gardner giving all the good reasons he can think of to award "The Moose" to Harold Browne... who really deserves to win this very prestigious trophy...




mark_jason.jpg (67090 bytes)...while Jason Payea tries to convince the jury of Mark's true colors...



mark_moose.jpg (48086 bytes)

And the 1999 winner is....




andy-mark.jpg (81776 bytes)

...Mark "Moose for the second time" Gardner!"  (Now before you get too excited, Steele Griswold won it 3 times, '70, '72, '75 and Jon Aswad collected this honor twice in '96, '97.)





ed_z.jpg (71805 bytes)

Ed Ziemer receives the the Gordon Anger Trophy for winning class L in the Summer Mid Week Weries




jim_mar_rs.JPG (112713 bytes)

Jim Finch and Marci Milton take home the Royal Savage Trophy.





tammy_kate.jpg (86217 bytes)

Our best Female sailor, Tammy Ouellette, gives our soon to be best sailor, Kate Brush, a big hug. 






tammy_heather_Alan.jpg (82088 bytes)

jim_tammy.JPG (104735 bytes)Tammy Ouellette recieves the "Best Female Sailor" from Jim Finch. Tammy & Alan Ouellette pose with Heather Rowe. "Can you imagine the results if Tammy, Heather and Kate were to enter the Lightning Women's NA's?" 



rod_chiott.JPG (104293 bytes)


Rod Carr covets his newest trophy, the Chiott Cup.



payea.jpg (96524 bytes)

Steve & Joanne enjoying the festivities! Steve served on the afterguard as the head of the Operations Committee for three years.





bretton.jpg (101465 bytes)

Bretton Gardner receives the Junior Sailing Most Improved Trophy from Tom Noone.



jim_marty_ba.JPG (89544 bytes)

Marty Olsen captures the Benedict Arnold trophy. This trophy is one of the premiere awards MBBC gives. Next year we'll see what we can do to his planned repeat!




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